Dating Advice

  • Make sure he knows it’s a date too. Don’t just turn up at his house having followed him home from the supermarket.


  • First date nerves? Simply replace your cardigan buttons with battery operated doorbells and never be surprised by wandering hands again.


  • Blind date? Think safety first. Always make sure you arrange to spend the date at a busy public place. Like a hospital. Or a police station.


  • Remember! Three’s a crowd. Don’t bring the vicar.  


  • If he takes you to meet his parents and they are your parents you should probably call it off.


  • Men aren’t always good at communication. So if he leaves his windows unlocked at night it’s fine to assume that he wants you to pop in and surprise him.  


  • If you really want to meet guys you have to know where to find them! Try army barracks. Or prisons.


  • A church filled with your family members is not a suitable venue for a first date.


  • Learn how to read body language. If he’s curled up in a ball and whimpering you should probably just let him go.


  • With men it’s often what they don’t say that means more. If it’s been longer than a week and he still hasn’t introduced himself, you should probably get out of his car.


  • Pay close attention to him when you’re alone together. Look for those subtle signs that he might be losing interest. Like screaming.

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