Love and Mousetraps.


There are two sorts of Love. There may be more. In fact I’m sure there are more. But in my experience there are two main sorts to watch out for.


Thunderbolts, lightening, stars, rockets, fireworks, explosions, crashing waves, BOOM! CRASH! POW! BANG!

You don’t get to decide about this one. There you are, walking through the park, or shopping at Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available), or unfortunately sometimes possibly just standing around after a funeral. And what happens? You see someone, your eyes meet, and you get hit by a thunderbolt out of the blue. BAM!

This can lead to you falling head over heels, hopefully metaphorically, but not always. 

If you really are at a funeral and standing by the graveside you may fall in. This is not romantic. Or dignified.   

This sort of love is very dangerous. You can get burnt, or drowned, or get a bump on the head, or at worst just end up with really bad hair.

Creeping Up On You Quietly Like a Little Mouse Love:

Of course there is also the other sort of love that creeps up behind you very quietly when you’re not looking and sometimes you notice it and sometimes you don’t.

Sadly sometimes you just don’t see it at all and so just tread on it and squash it. And then you’ve got to scrape it off your foot. And by then it may smell bad and people will wrinkle their noses at you.

I like to keep a very close eye out for the second type and keep it at bay with mousetraps.

You can avoid the first sort up to a point by staying in a lot, not answering the phone and keeping a fire extinguisher in your handbag. But it’s tricky stuff, love.


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