Controversial Columnists are ‘Begging for it’.

Former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross faced a storm of protest yesterday after he appeared to suggest women could ‘aggravate’ their risk of being raped.

The broadcaster likened women who dressed and behaved provocatively to banks storing cash by the front door, or motorists leaving laptops on the back seat of their cars.  Daily Mail 26.5.13 

Are ex-television presenters who get attacked after using outrageous misogynistic newspaper columns to sell books ‘asking for it’?

Following a shocking attack earlier today, some commentators have caused outrage by claiming that the victim, a Mr N.Ross, was effectively ‘begging for it’ by publicly flaunting his views, which were clearly exposed in a national newspaper.

A spokesman said:

‘Dangerous misogynistic opinions are like expensive electrical equipment or large sacks of money. If people will insist on leaving them lying around in a public place, for instance in a Sunday newspaper, they are extremely likely to be taken away and used for unseemly purposes, like increasing the Daily Mail’s advertising revenue’.

A newspaper was quick to support him, saying that:

‘Finding celebrities to put their names to features designed to provoke maximum outrage is much harder than it looks and we find it very offensive to then hear the whole process described as being “easy”.’

Angry campaigners took to social media to make their views heard, with one commenting that:

‘Historically, well-known citizens have been attacked for having witless opinions since the Middle Ages, many years before they were able to expose themselves on television or in the newspapers. If Mr Ross wants to parade his shameless views in public he should be able to do so without fear of attack, regardless of whether he has a book to sell or not.’

Sally Bercow was unavailable for comment.


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